D A V I D  K A I H O I


Don't let his aw-schucks, Minnesota-bred demeanor fool you. David Kaihoi is a design force to be reckoned with, fiercely blending a downtown sensibility with exquisitely refined uptown taste.

First and foremost, Kaihoi is an artist, having spent his early years making an endless array of gallery-worthy assemblages—paper dioramas, ceramic sculptures, mixed-media collage.

He cut his teeth in decorating as a fine-arts installer, handling everything from Picasso drawings to Louis XV ormolu clocks. Brushing shoulders with leading tastemakers and interior designers, Kaihoi came under interior decoratings's thrall.

"It's a dream to translate my influences and studio impulses into lasting, lavish products," says Kaihoi. "For me, it's the quality of the hand that makes everything special."